Sinbi Muay Thai

We have booked in for training at Sinbi Muay Thai for ten days. It is two sessions a day, 7-9:30 in the morning, and then the afternoon session from 16-18:30. Now we have been training for two days. I really like the camp, the rooms are ok, it’s a nice area, and not much tourists around. There is a restaurant right across the street, and the women there are really nice and do their best for us to have a good time – but the English is not that good there – as for the rest of Thailand. It´s safe to order what you find in the menu, the food is always delicious, but if your try to order with or without something you never know what´s coming before you get it. Fried rice with vegetables is a safe one!

Thai boxing is so much more different from kickboxing than I thought. The trainers is correcting everything all the time, and when you repeat the same mistake you get a real punch in the head or the knee or in your stomach – depending on your mistake. When I get home I guess I will have a total open guard, waving my arms down each time I kick, have no knee up before my kicks – and of course use elbows and knees when I get eager. But it is really fun, we learn some new things, the training is differing a little each session, and the trainers are good and fun to listen to with their thai English. And we get a really great work out each session! My muscles already feel tired. No make up and nice clothes – the only things these days are smelly training clothes soaked in sweat twice a day, three coldwater showers every day, loads of water and energy drink, healing ointment for soar feet, counterpain ointment for cramps and for the front leg so you don´t feel the pain when kicking pads and bags without leg skins, aloe vera for sunburnt skin from hours dulling in the sun on the beach between lessons, sports tape for injuries – but I have a lot of fun and a really good time!

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