Where to stay – Jumbo Stay (Stockholm, Sweden – 2013)

I had a “flying start” of my trip to Ghana, sleeping in a Jumbo Jet! I was quite excited about this special accommodation, and loved the original idea. Jumbo Stay is a hostel built inside an old Jumbo Jet – including rooms, bathrooms and a restaurant.

I was welcomed by a smiling receptionist, late in the evening. I got the key to my room with no fuzz, and he made me a late evening snack since I had missed my dinner.

simple clean bed in four bed dorm
The rooms
The rooms are small, but good. I stayed in a four bed dorm. The beds are comfortable and clean, and if it wasn´t for my very noisy room-mate (who re-packed two suitcases from 1 am to 3 am), I would have had a lovely sleep!

If you are willing to spend some extra cash during your stay, you can also book the double cockpit room!

luxuary room
The bathrooms
For the rooms with shared facilities, the bathrooms are situated in the tail of the plane. They are small, but clean.

The restaurant
I love orange, so the restaurant is just to my taste. They serve some hot snack/ small meals and sandwiches, and a selection of drinks. The vegetarian options were limited, but you will definitely find something.

The breakfast
The breakfast is included in the stay, and was simple but tasty. A selection of bread buns, cheese, ham, vegetables, yoghurt, juice, coffee and tea. This is far better than many other “free” hostel breakfasts I´ve had.

breakfast buffet
The surroundings
The surroundings are off course not the most cozy, as the hostel is situated on the airport. I love the walking bridges they have built outside the plane and on the wings though – and you can watch all the planes taking off!

All in all: I love the idea, and this is a great option if you have a stay-over in Stockholm. If you are a hostel freak that stays in Stockholm for some days, I would also say it´s worth a night out of town to experience something new!

Visit them at Jumbo Stay.

What is the coolest hostel you ever visited?


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