Thai red curry paste

The first time I made a thai curry paste was when I did cooking classes in May Kaidee´s vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai in Thailand. That class made me realize that the delicious Thai food is actually very easy to make yourself – as long as you have the right spices and ingredients.

thai red curry ingredients

The red curry paste is a perfect base for the Thai coconut curry soups. This recipe is based on my knowledge from my Thai cooking classes, and slightly adjusted to my taste.

Ingredients for Thai red curry paste:
– 4 red chilis
– 1 whole garlic
– 10 cm ginger root
– ½ onion
– 2 lemon grass
– 12 keffir leaves (fresh or dried)
– 1.5 tbs ground coriander
– 1.5 tbs ground cumin
– 1 tbs salt
– 1 tbs sugar
– 2 tbs lemon juice
– 2 tbs oil

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Wash and chop all the ingredients, and combine them in a bowl. Run in a blender or use a hand blender until a smooth paste. Use as a base for Thai curries. You will find a recipe for Thai green coco curry here, and you can use the same recipe and add the red curry paste. Be playful, experiment – and use whichever vegetables you have available!

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