The long way home.

I left Pai Saturday, and went by bus to Chiang Mai then to Bangkok. In Chiang Mai I met Nina again, she had tried to get a ticket on the same bus all the way, but we ended in different minibuses. So I had company all the way to Bangkok – although we slept most of the way.

At six in the morning we woke up when the bus stopped and somebody shouted “Last stop Bangkok! Get out!”. I had no idea where I was, but we were just 200 metres from Khao San road, actually where we were supposed to! I had breakfast with Nina, and then she watched my bags and I had a big round to find a place to stay, all places were full, “try again after twelve”. Finally I found a place which had a room, a bit more expensive than I had planned, but it was ok.

I had one day in Bangkok, and went to the big weekend marked to do some shopping. It is huge! I never knew where I was or if I had been in that part before – the memory of a goldfish. After six hours of shopping and a lot of streetfood I went back to the hotel, then I had pedicure, massage and dinner before I went extremely early to bed. I will miss having massages four times a week – there is no way I can afford it back home!

To the airport I had the sweetest taxi driver, he spoke well English, told me about a lot of things we passed and pointed around, told me the news from the paper and showed me the pictures, unfolded a big map to show me where we drove, wrote me a note with his name and number so I could call the next time I came to Bangkok to be picked up in the airport – and when we passed a driver using his cell phone while driving he shook his head and said “no good not paying attention to traffic”. Haha.

The flight back was ok, three hours in Moscow, the airport from hell, and about one hour delay there. When I woke up when we were about to land in Oslo I was so tired that it seemed impossible to get home by train and taxi. But I did!

I actually didn’t feel homesick one single time in Thailand, I had such a good time. But when I came home it´s not that bad after all. Meeting all my friends is great, to have a nights sleep in my own bed, and getting my cats back home and cuddle up with them at night when its all rainy and snowy outside. I think I´m ready for being efficient at work, and off course getting back to kickboxing in stead of thaiboxing. But I´m for sure going back to Thailand some time!

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