A taste of Umbria in pictures

Sometimes I feel like giving my friends a taste of the places I´ve visited – to give them a glimpse of the good time I spent there. Photos and stories are one way of doing it, food is another.

Umbria is a region in central Italy, and earlier this spring I was tasting my way from winery to winery to discover some of the cuisine and wine of Umbria. I visited the Terre Margaritelli winery in Torgiano and got a warm welcome from Federico and Jennifer. With a wonderful view of the wine yards we were served a wonderful lunch prepared by Jennifer from Life Italian Style. For dessert she served me one of the best cheese cakes I´ve ever had!

She invited us to the kitchen to show us how she prepared the traditional bread torta al testoI – and I was lucky enough to get her recipes to share with my readers – and with my friends!

I also visited the Arnaldo-Caprei winery in Montefalco, and after a tasty appetizer with fava beans and a tour of the winery we got the chance to visit the kitchen. The women inside were busy preparing our lunch, and happily shared their broad knowledge on traditional Umbrian cooking and gave me their recipe for the very traditional desert Rocciata.

After some weeks back in Norway loaded with cooking inspiration and a few bottles of wine from Italy, it was time to share the taste of travel with friends. The starter was inspired by the fava bean salad from Italy, only made with sugar peas instead of fava beans, since they are difficult to find here. The olives made me dream of the beauty of the olive trees.

The ferro salad was made with inspiration from Italy, but with the vegetables I had available: red onion, tomatoes, broccoli and fennel – and with lots of extra virgin olive oil, some lemon juice, salt and pepper.

The pasta was inspired from Jennifer´s homemade string noodles, and served with homemade pesto and roasted tomatoes.

Time for a break, and with the fjord just outside the house we took a walk to have a look and the new boat and let the dog run off some energy – and to enjoy some pecorino cheese with the delicious celery jam brought from Italy.

Accompanied by a very interesting travel program from the Aral sea in Kazakhstan, we managed to find some room for the Rocciata dessert. A lovely evening, and off course –  this meal would never have been the same without the great company of my two friends!

Thanks to our hosts at the wineries for their warm welcome, and thanks to the Umbria Tourist Board for inviting me to explore the region of Umbria after the Travel Bloggers Conference 2012.  


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