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I recently visited Egypt, which is one of the Arabic speaking countries in the world. In fact Arabic are the 5th common language in the world, and around 300 million people speak Arabic around the globe. Arabic is the official language for the Middle East countries as well as the horn and the north of Africa.

In Egypt you will find people speaking English all over the country, and you will always be able to communicate in English around the main touristy spots. However, if you want to wander off into the more local spots of towns, or if you want to travel to more remote areas, you may need some support. Then this list of Vegetarian phrases Arabic will be a great help.

These phrases give you a summary of basic greetings, and the most basic words to get vegetarian food wherever you go in an Arabic speaking country. They are translated into one version so you can try to speak and get understood, if that fails – point at the version in Arabic letters!

Download Arabic – vegetarian phrases

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Thanks to Mahmoud Ramadan from the Egyptian Travel Authorities in Luxor for translating the phrases into Arabic for me.  


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