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farsiFarsi or Persian is the official language in Iran. Historically this has been an important language through the Persian Empire, and is written by the Persian alphabet, which is an adapted version of the Arabic alphabet.

You will find many restaurants with menus in both Farsi and English, but you will probably stumble upon some with no English menu or English speaking staff at all. Print these phrases, and you will be able to point (or try to pronounce it right) to get yourself a vegetarian or vegan meal wherever you go. I would not call Iran an ideal place to eat for vegetarians, but I was always able to find a suitable meal for myself. Make sure you try the rice in Iran – it is the tastiest rice I´ve ever had, and my friend The Chef agrees with me!

Download Farsi – vegetarian phrases

If you are curious about travelling in Iran, you can read about my first impression as I passed through Iran by car with two female friends.

If you find the vegetarian phrases Farsi, please share and feel free to leave a comment.
Get more vegetarian phrases.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Serveh for translating these phrases for me into Farsi!



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