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Italian is a Romanic language which is the official language of Italy and parts of Switzerland. According to Statistics by EU it is the mother tongue of about 65 million people, and about 29% of the Italians speak English. When you are visiting cities of Italy there will be no problem with the language, but if you go to the countryside, you may need a few basic phrases to get along. Here is a handy list of useful Italian words for vegetarian travelers. I am also a fan of learning at least some basic phrases of the country I visit!

Download Italian – vegetarian phrases

It is easy for vegetarians to enjoy the Italian cuisine, since many dishes are prepared without meat. Just make sure you avoid parmesan cheese which usually contains animal rennet.

Are you going to Italy? Then you may be interested in some of these posts: I have had some great trips to Italy. I have celebrated the feast of San Giorgio to welcome the spring, I have cooked for my friends at home to have a taste of Umbria after I visited, and I have walked the street of Rome – soaking in the atmosphere and enjoyed Italian food and wine. I also had a no-slow trip passing by five cities in one day, from Oslo to Florence.

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Thanks alot to Simon from Wild About Travel for translating the words and phrases for me. Check out her blog to read about her exciting travels!



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