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sloveneI visited Slovenia for the first time this year, and all though people speak very well English it is always nice to know some words of the local language to communicate, or to read the menus. Slovenian is the first language for about 1.85 million people, most of them living in Slovenia. Slovene belongs to the Slavic languages, like Serbian and Croatian. Here are some basic phrases and words related to food which may be handy for vegetarian travellers.

I visited Ljubljana this summer, and it was an exciting city I wish I had more time to explore. I only had one day thoug, rushing through on my road trip from Norway to Mongolia. I stayed in the cool hostel Celica in Metelkova, which is a great place to stay or at least visit. If you want some inspiration you can read about my five course dinner in Ljubljana, and my visit to the city market.

To learn more about the pronunciation of Slovene, check out this phrasebook.

Download Slovene – vegetarian phrases

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Thanks a lot to Ursula which I met through Couchsurfing for the help to translate these phrases.


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