Vegetarian phrases Swahili

Swahili serves as a national or official language of five nations: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda,  the Comores and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Wherever in the world you are, it is always handy to know a few words of the local language. People will appreciate your effort to make yourself understood, and if you have a spesical diet – like vegetarian – you make it much easier for yourself by learning a few words.

This list was published earlier this year, but then later on I expanded the list of words, and also got feedback on some errors in the tralnslations. Here is an updated list of some handy Swahili words for greetings and vegetarian travel

Download Swahili – vegetarian phrases

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Thanks alot to Neema who translated the phrases for me. She is origninally from my favorite country Kenya, but now lives in the US. Make sure you check out her great blog TheBantuGirl!



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