Vegetarian barbecue – skewers

I´m always excited about any occasion which involves friends and food, and this weekend I gathered with friends for the first barbecue of the year.

Veggie skewers

Barbecues are usually a meaty affair for most people, and I – who have only meat-eating friends – always have to twist my head to find some nice options for the grill to make a real feast out of my vegetarian barbecue. Off course it is possible to buy the vegetarian burgers and sausages from the store, but to be honest I find them quite boring. This summer I will try to come up with a series of posts on vegetarian barbecues – and I would love some comments about YOUR favorite food for inspiration!

Today I made two different veggie skewers: one with black bean balls and mushrooms, and another one with cherry tomatoes and coco-curry halloumi cheese.

– mushrooms
– cherry tomatoes
– black bean balls
– halloumi cheese
– shredded coconut
– curry
– salt and pepper

Black bean balls can be made from the same recipe as my black bean burgers. You may add some more chickpea flour or other starch to make the batter firmer, and make small balls which you fry in a pan on all sides, about 5-7 minutes in total. Cool down before you use them for the skewers (that will make them firmer so they don´t fall apart). Place bean balls and mushroom on a skewer.

Cut the halloumi cheese in squares, and cover the cheese in a mix of shredded coconut and curry. Place halloumi cheese and cherry tomatoes on a skewer.

Grill the skewers for a few minutes on each side, depending on the heat of the grill. I´m not a master of the grill and tend to forget my food and end up with some burned skewers….

Serve the skewers with oven baked potatoes, green salad and corn on the cob – and enjoy summer!

What is your favorite food for a vegetarian barbecue?


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