Where to eat: Meya Meya – London, England

I have an Egyptian friend in London who showed be one of the hidden gems of the city – a restaurant serving authentic Egyptian food in the heart of London. That´s one of the treasures of having friends popped out all over the world – you get the insider tips and the very best guide!
Meya Meya is situated close to the Edgware Rd tube station. When you enter the door the restaurant looks more like a take-away place than a restaurant – well then just head down the stairs and find yourself a table. The menu had some vegetarian options, and I went for “the ultimate, the supreme and most delicious Egyptian vegetarian dish”. It contained a mix of rice, lentils, pasta, chickpeas and tomato sauce, and was topped with crispy fried onions. All though it was kind of a strange mix in my eyes, it was truly tasty! We rounded off the meal with a typical Egyptian dessert which I´m not able to remember the name of – some kind of sweet porridge, also tasty! From the meny I could see that they also have falafel and some beans on the menu and it was great value – so it is definitely a place I would go back next time I´m in town.

Date of visit: July 2012
Address: 13 Bell Street
Web: not as I was able to find

Have you visited Meya Meya? I would really appreciate a comment on your experience.


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