Where to stay – Djamila guesthouse (Bamako, Mali – 2011)

A friend I met in Bamako invited me over to the guesthouse she stayed at for breakfast – she told me that I just had to see this place, because it was wonderful. She was right! I immediately loved it, the nice common area with tables close to the floor, mats and heaps of pillows. I decided that this was the place to stay for my last weekend in Mali, so I packed my stuff and moved from the dorm at Sleeping Camel over to Auberge Djamila, just ten minutes walk away. I really liked the dorm her as well – but I chose a private room due to the lack of lockers in the dorm for my camera equipment. The people here are nice, the breakfast wonderful, but they do not serve any food. If you walk abit around the area you will find wonderful street food thoug! The rooms and the hang-out area at Djamila is much more elaborate than at Sleeping Camel – all though Sleeping Camel have the benefit of the great owners and the food they serve. Which to choose? Both!

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