Where to stay – Hostel ROOM (Rotterdam, Holland – 2013)

Have you ever stayed in a hostel with a hostel dog? I have, and that was one of the most charming things about the whole hostel – I immediately decided that Hostel ROOM Rotterdam was the place I want to stay once I read about Lexie on their webpage. I also loved the photos they displayed on their page.

It was easy to find my way to ROOM, and I got a nice welcome. I stayed in the Architecture room, a four bed dorm on the top floor. I loved the red painting on the walls, and they had proper lockers so you can leave everything in the room without worrying that it will be gone when you return. They also have a service to store valuables in the receptions. The room also had enough electricity points for all four of us charging phones and cameras – that is in my experience often a problem in dorms.

The café is relaxed with chill music, and a great place to hang out when you want some work done or just relaxing and have a chat and a beer with the other guests. Lexie walks around to greet the guests, and sleeps wherever she feels like. If you are not very comfortable with dogs, don´t worry – she is very gentle and calm. They serve some food and snacks, and the simple breakfast of toast, jam, chocolate spread, serials, milk, coffee and tea are included. For a few Euros you can upgrade to a coffee of choice, some cheese and fruits. There is also a kitchen with a fridge so you can cook your own meals, and it was not too busy during my stay.

The bathrooms are situated in the end of the hall in each floor. Some are unisex, some are for men or women. What I did not like in the 3rd floor was the toilet situated between the two showers, so the toilet floor was often wet. Except from that the bathrooms are just what you expect from a hostel, and they were cleaned daily.

I stayed for five nights in ROOM, and I had a wonderful time. Despite some misunderstanding the first night when our dorm was overbooked with one person, the receptions fixed everything in a smooth way – and offered a free night for the person who volunteered to change room for the night. This is the way to handle things – right?

Date of visit: May 2013
Address: Van Vollenhovenstraat 62, Rotterdam
Web: http://www.roomrotterdam.nl/

Have you stayed in ROOM Rotterdam lately? I would love if you left a comment on your experience!

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