Where to stay: Jambo Inn (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – 2010)

I arrived Dar es Salaam by bus from Tanga, and since I arrived during daytime I hadn´t really thought much about where to stay. I had thought about one of the cheapest places I saw in the guidebook, but ended up going with two guys I met on the bus to Jambo Inn. Not a bad choice! Jambo Inn is a typical backpacker hostel with good internet facilities and a great restaurant. My room was spacious with a fan, and a shower with hot water and enough water. The staff I friendly, and it is not far to walk to the main city centre. The menu at the restaurant is the most extensive I have seen so far in eastern Africa, and the food is great. You can eat a lot cheaper if you head just around the corner from the hostel though. I went back to this place after my visit to Zanzibar where I got ill – with a clinic around the corner, a restaurant at the hostel and staff who asked you “are you better” every time you passes it was not too bad being stuck and ill all by yourself!

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