Where to stay: Ozi´s Bed and Breakfast (Malindi, Kenya – 2009)

Ozi´s Bed and Breakfast is located opposite the tourist market in Malindi, and very close to the sea. The beach where you find other tourists are not that close though (I didn´t really find out where if there was a touristy beach even, but there are a lot of big resorts with swimming pools along the beach). Ozi´s is a very nice place with friendly and helpful staff. I liked the ambience of the place, and all though the staff offered trips and activities in town they were never pushy. It is very basic with shared facilities and, and all though they promised hot water I never had a hot shower. In the heat of Malindi you won´t miss it though. You pay what you get for, so the place is pretty cheap – I payd around 100 shilling for my room. That includes breakfast and three free items of laundry each day of your stay – and it was one of my better hotel breakfasts in Kenya. When I go back to Malindi, Ozi´s is definitely on my “go back to” list!

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