Where to stay: Sleeping Camel (Bamako, Mali – 2011)

When I started looking for a place to stay in Bamako, Sleeping Camel was one of the top hits on google. It is a typical backpacker hostel – and I really loved it. The guys who run it is both helpful and fun, you cannot avoid meeting people when you stay here, the food is great (but abit expensive compared to what you can live for in Bamako) – and it is quiet! Well, the rooms at least. I stayed at a room the first days, but when I returned later I stayed more than a week in the dorms, and still loved the place. They have secure lockers by each bed, which is really great so you don’t have to keep all your valuables on you all the time. It is a short walk to the city centre – but you will have to cross a crazy and polluted bridge to get there. It is very close to the Palace Culturelle, and it is close to a great restaurant and a supermarket if you need to stock up on things you miss. If you go to Bamako, this is a great way to start out, especially if you need someone to arrange some trips for you or you need some travel advice.

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