Where to stay: Sun Hut (Pai, Thailand – 2008)

Slow is beautiful. The Sun Hut is peaceful and put your mind to rest, and it is a wonderful place to spend some time. I toatally fell in love with the place and the ambience the moment I arrived. There is alot of plants and trees everywhere, and the bungalows are really beautiful. I think the Sun Hut is one of the main reasons that Pai is such a beloved place for me, here you can really relax and practise mindfulness. The food was great, this was actually the place I got the taste of banana pancakes. Nit, the women who runs it, speaks well english. She share her knowledge of the area and help you to find your way in town and in activities of your interests. This is one of the places I dream of going back to – only to BE there! You can read more about Pai HERE.

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