Where to stay: YMCA (Nairobi, Kenya – 2008)

YMCA is situated just five minutes walk from the city centre of Nairobi, but the small distance out of town makes it so quiet compared to the city hotels. It is a very safe start if it is you first trip to Africa or Kenya. It is a safe area and with great staff in the reseption. There are a restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is somehow set, but confusing. There is always something they don´t have even though it´s in the menu. The food is good though, but not great. If you are vegetarian you may eat some strange combinations since meat stew is a pretty standard meal here. The terrece outside is very nice though, and there is a swimming pool. The rooms are ok for the price since it´s clean and safe – but after trying several options in Nairboi I find YMCA expensive for the standard you get. The other options are more noisy though, so if you want a quiet night this is a good choice from my experience!

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